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Conference Programme

DAY ONE, 27 JUNE 2017
08.15   Registration and refreshments
09.00   Welcome and Introduction
David Zielasko, VP & Publisher, European Rubber Journal, Tire Business, Rubber & Plastics News
Moderator for the morning session
Bruce Davis, Special Projects, Tire Business
09.05   OPENING ADDRESS - Automation: The era of innovation in smart factory manufacturing
Transforming a traditional business: Building a gateway to the future
Meeting customer demands and service expectations: rethinking manufacturing 
Taking a fully automated tire handling approach 
What next?  From robotics to AI
Case Study: Setting up and managing a greenfield site
Workforce engagement and management 
Automated handling solutions: integration with shipping trailers, conveyor systems, identification systems 
Real-time data for inventory management: 100% availability of product across the handling process 
Shibu George, Head of Automation and Electronics, Apollo Tyres
Csaba Mákos, Plant Unit Head, Apollo Tyres Hungary Ltd
Delegate Q&A
09.50   Trends towards standardization and integration in the tire industry
• Reasons for the trend to standardization in tire production
• Integration of different machines to one Manufacturing Operation Management System
Advantages for the end customer
Benefits for OEMs and finding new ways to stay unique
Peter Haan, Head of Vertical Market Management Tire, Siemens AG, Digital Factory Division 
10.20   FOCUS SESSION: Change management and lean transformation around IT
• Change management in the tire sector: what are the specific needs and end goals
• Deployment of IT systems: getting ready for change and integrated legacy systems
• Identifying which business processes can be digitised and transformed through technology
• Building consensus among senior management and shopfloor
Jacob Peled, Executive Chairman, Pelmar Engineering Ltd
10.50   Refreshment Break
11.20   Tire Analytics: The journey of a connected tire in a connected environment
Data analytics and real-time information 
The discontinuous jump into the future: connectivity inside the vehicle for a holistic customer journey
Supporting real-time access to manufacturing data (big data): anytime, anywhere
Robotics: The impact of new facilities equipped with new automated machines
Preserving investments already in place for a more flexible production model
Paolo Butti, Automotive & Tire Industry Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa Region, Rockwell Automation
11.50   Case Study: Managing end-to-end automation and robotics
Emerging software trends
Better control of the material flow and manufacturing execution
Jyrki Anttonen, Technology Director, Cimcorp Oy
12.20   Keynote Panel: Reinventing the tire manufacturing organization around automation 
Paolo Butti, Automotive & Tire Industry Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa Region, Rockwell Automation
Csaba Mákos, Plant Unit Head, Apollo Tyres Hungary Ltd 
Jyrki Anttonen, Technology Director, Cimcorp Oy
Dr. Oliver SchrammDirector Development Production Technology, Continental
12.50   Lunch and networking
Moderator for the afternoon session
Patrick Raleigh, Editor, European Rubber Journal

14.00   OPENING AFTERNOON SESSION: Mixing Room Automation 4.0: Integrated automation solutions for the tire mixing room
Design requirements for modern and efficient tire mixing room solutions 
Automation solutions supporting specific tire mixing manufacturing process challenges 
Industry 4.0 terms and definitions applied to tire mixing room automation 
Industry 4.0 driven Mixing Room Automation solutions today and in future
The tire industry’s great benefits on Industry 4.0 mixing room automation solutions
Hans-Martin Monyer, Head of Automation, HF MIXING GROUP
14.25   Smart Mixing: Reducing manual working for improved productivity
The need for emerging smart solutions
Automatic warehouse examples: 
   - raw materials and seeding to mixers
   - automatic polymers cutting devices 
   - sending automatic compounds warehouse
Maintaining quality of mixing from technology point of view
Reducing electric energy for mixing and an increased environmental capacity 
Karol Vanko, MESNAC Vice President, MERTC General Director, Mesnac European Research and Technical Centre s.r.o.
14.50   Delegate Q&A
15.00   Refreshment Break

15.30   Data collection = core of modernization possibilities: Wishes and Preparedness vs. Reality and Needs in automation and data collection projects
•  Tire manufacturers master data, production scheduling, current processes and other automation project related things.
•  Machine manufacturers readiness to give needed data from their PLC or HMI or overall to be linked with projects.
•  IT solution providers challenges to put these players together with their solutions or create conditions to do it, when they are not tire manufacturing specialists.
•  Consulting in these kind of projects
Aki Nurminen, Project Manager, Material and Information Flow, Black Donuts Engineering

16.00   RECYCLING DISCUSSION: Bridging the gap between sustainability and automated process management
Moderator: Jacob Peled, Executive Chairman, Pelmar Engineering Ltd
Jose Silicani, Knowledge Management Officer, Bridgestone Europe
16.30   THE TIRE COLOGNE - New Leading Trade Show for the Tire Industry
Ingo Riedeberger, Project Manager, Koelnmesse
17.00   Chair’s closing remarks
17.15   End of Day One - Drinks reception and networking

DAY TWO, 28 JUNE 2017


08.30   Registration and refreshments
09.00   Welcome
Moderator for the morning session
Bruce Davis, Special Projects, Tire Business

09.10   Keynote: Kick-starting the digital transformation of a more traditional business
Putting the focus on strategy and vision first
Where does the supply chain fit into the transformation cycle
Defining key targets, KPIs and scorecards
Technology drivers for future business success: from social to AI and robotics
Top tips and examples from the tire industry
Luisella Giani, EMEA Digital Director, Oracle
9.45   Building for future efficiency: A vision on the connected factory
Controlled process and automatic inspection
Interfacing of machine with environment: HMI, data exchange and logistics
Maintenance and uptime 
Jan Grashuis, Vice President – Global R&D, VMI 
10.10   Delegate Q&A
10.30   Refreshment Break
11.00   Future of the global tire industry: Change in China and beyond
Brief overview of China tire industry and likely futures
Disruptive change in technology, marketing and business models
Tire industry management is changing
Moving beyond tires

David Shaw, Chief Executive, Tire Industry Research

11.30   Best Practices Keynote Panel: Preparing for a more technology-enabled future of tire manufacturing
External Forces: Connected tires, electric cars and self-driving: How will this influence the tire sector?
The rate of design change in cars and the impact on tire design, development and distribution
Safety and how the market for tire technologies and autonomous vehicles will develop
Future of tire mounted technology and add-on features
Impact on factory automation and future of production
What steps should you be taking now to maintain growth in the future
Marco Spinetto, Strategic Innovation, R&D, Pirelli Tyre SpA

David Anckaert, General Director, EMEA OE Product Development, Dunlop Development Center Hanau, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany
Zivojin Sekulic, Intelligent Tire Project Manager, GAJ

12.30   Lunch and networking
Moderator for the afternoon session
Patrick Raleigh, Editor, European Rubber Journal
13.30   CASE STUDY: Vulcanizing RFID solutions and tread labels across a global tire distribution 
Warehouse operations and RFID challenges
Taking advantage of RFID track and trace systems 
Using RFID mould solutions to support the processes avoiding mistakes
Dynamic storage and handling: real time visibility
Data and reducing fraud and errors
Jos Uijlenbroek, Ferm RFID Solutions 
14.00   CASE STUDY: Track and trace 
RFID implementation plan and the potential to realize significant cost savings
Supply chain visibility and efficiency gains
Overcoming barriers to goals acriss many application-development, integration and deployment challenges
This session will offer some different short presentations aiming to provide the practical knowledge you need to move ahead with a realistic delivery plan.
Andreas Hoell, Technical Industry Manager, SICK AG
14.30   Delegate Q&A
14.45   Refreshment Break
15.00   CROSS-SECTOR PANEL DISCUSSION: RFID and smart labels for smart tires
Who should be part of your core team: and wider
Collaboration innovation: enabling closer exchanges
Labels that store and update data: finding more effective methods of tracking
RFID systems which are designed to integrate with your production process
Accurate tracking and tracing and dynamic data management
Integrating RFID throughout the production process and into distribution
Armin Kraus, Director, 4JET Technologies GmBH 
Karol Vanko, MESNAC Vice President, MERTC General Director, Mesnac European 
Jos Uijlenbroek, Ferm RFID Solutions 
15.30   Key Takeaways Panel: Speakers from the Conference Offer Best Practice Feedback for Delegates From The Proceedings
15.50   Closing remarks

16.00   End of conference

Programme may be subject to change. 

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