Nikesh Mistry, GAMBICA
Nikesh Mistry
Sector Head - Industrial Automation

Nikesh Mistry is the Sector Head of Industrial Automation at GAMBICA, the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK. 

While relatively new to the trade association world, Nikesh is a highly motived individual who has developed an extensive understanding of both technical and commercial areas of the manufacturing and automation industry. His previous role as a Technical Sales Engineer for Keyence UK allowed him to gain on-site experience and working as an account manager for OEM, Alphr technology enabled him to work with colleagues and customers of a varying skill set worldwide. The ability to build sustained client relationships has been thoroughly refined in different industries including automotive, food and pharmaceutical, raw materials, chemicals testing, defence and aerospace and even financial services. 

He has an honours degree in Electronic Engineering from The University of Birmingham and believes with the right mind-set and maximum use of innovation the UK will excel throughout the fourth industrial revolution.