Mohammad Behroozi, General Motors
Mohammad Behroozi
Senior Vehicle Dynamicist
General Motors

Mohammad Behroozi received his PhD from the University of Birmingham on Finite Element Analysis of aircraft tires in collaboration with Dunlop Aircraft Tyres and Airbus.

He pursued the tire research as Postdoctoral Researcher in 2012 within the same school on Eco-RR Tires (Low Rolling Resistance tires) and the impacts in tire F&M performance.

Mohammad joined TNO Automotive later in 2012 in Eindhoven, Netherlands and worked as research scientist within Delft Tire group for tire F&M characterisation and smart tire development.

He then moved to Pratt & Miller Engineering, a GM affiliated company for racing, from 2013 as a senior technical specialist with a focus on tire testing, modelling, simulation and racing technology transfer.

Since 2015, he has worked as a Senior Vehicle Dynamicist at General Motors and leads the team on next-gen full-size Pickup/SUV/Van.

Dr. Behroozi has also instructed the “Finite Element Tire Modelling” on the Tire Mathematical Modelling course at the Tire Technology Conference in Germany since 2014.

He provides consultation and collaborates in research projects with universities and research institutes. He has also been invited as editor and reviewer to various tire and vehicle dynamics specialty journals and conferences.